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I didn’t realize until recently that Google/Appspot’s depreciation of the Master/Slave datastore would effect the coordinizer. After I realized that it was disabled by the transition, it took me some time to get around to migrating it, but I finally did. Thanks, Sam, for letting me know that you still use it. 🙂

I’m uploading the python source code here in case anybody ever wants to use or modify this program. GPL, etc. etc.. Do you what you will with it. If it ever turns into a major motion picture, please consider sending some royalties my way. Can I say that?

Also, I added a permalink to the sidebar to coordinizer.appspot.com —–>


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[update 9-Sep-2015: the AutoCAD coordinizer was down for a while, now it is back! More info here.]

Happy New Year!  I’m back, and I have present for you.

I’m proud to reveal my latest bit of coding handiwork, the AutoCAD Coordinizer.  I originally created this in PHP, but didn’t have a free web host for it, so I just ported it to Python and put it on Google’s Apps site.

What it does, basically, is take the output of a LIST or ID command (or series of commands) and extract the X and Y values, placing them in a handy list.  I wrote it to simplify the creation of coordinate tables.


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