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I didn’t realize until recently that Google/Appspot’s depreciation of the Master/Slave datastore would effect the coordinizer. After I realized that it was disabled by the transition, it took me some time to get around to migrating it, but I finally did. Thanks, Sam, for letting me know that you still use it. 🙂

I’m uploading the python source code here in case anybody ever wants to use or modify this program. GPL, etc. etc.. Do you what you will with it. If it ever turns into a major motion picture, please consider sending some royalties my way. Can I say that?

Also, I added a permalink to the sidebar to coordinizer.appspot.com —–>


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I’ve been running this blog since 2007, and it’s been quite enjoyable. I’ve never been dedicated to providing continuous updates, but I have enjoyed dishing out an occasional post with some useful AutoCAD tips.

I’m now in the process of making a career transition, so I don’t expect I’ll be making any more updates to this blog. I hope that the information here continues to be a useful resource. Thanks to my readers for your patronage!

If anyone is curious, my new career is in counseling. I graduated from the LIOS Graduate College of Saybrook University in January 2011, and I now operate a private practice as a mindfulness-based therapist here in Seattle. I’m still working the old job, but my intention is to leave after I build up my practice. If you are interested in finding out more about my work, please visit http://fosteringconnection.com . I’m especially good at working with engineers, architects and CAD techs. 🙂

Happy CADing!

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Command Line slowness

Summer’s over!  I’m back from my vacations and forays into the world of pavement inspection.  Time to do some blogging.

I noticed that AutoCAD was ignoring certain keypresses occasionally.  For instance, when I was in the middle of a pline command, I’d type “cen” but “cn” would appear in the command line.  So I did a little googlin’ and came across this thread.  I wasn’t quite satisfied with the answer (what’s the point of dual monitors if I can’t display the non-modal windows on my second monitor?), so I played around a little bit and I think I found a solution.

In AutoCAD 2009 and onward, there are two command line windows, one that you access with F2, and one that you can access by typing “commandline” or hitting CTRL+9.  I prefer the F2 one because it is quicker to toggle on and off.  So I put the F2 command line window on my secondary monitor, and I noticed that I had tried to put the CTRL+9 command line window there as well, then turned it off.  Well, apparently AutoCAD still thinks it is there, because when I turned it back on and then docked it, the keypress delay disappeared.  Problem solved!  Now, with the CTRL+9 command line docked, I can turn it off, and the delay is still gone.

I tested this in Civil 3D 2009; I’m not sure if it will work in other versions.  Please let me know if it does or doesn’t solve your problem.

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The CAD Geek has a post about how to use commas in a sheet set sheet title:

The secret is to press and hold the ALT key while you type 0130. It will then insert a character that looks like a comma, but more importantly works with SSM.

Also, the comments had this useful tip:

You also can use %%44 in the sheet name, this will regenate a comma, in most .shx fonts, when translated into autocad.

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Here’s my official endorsement for the next election.

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OS Tools – Launchy

This post isn’t specifically about AutoCAD, but about some of the freeware/open source tools I use to make working in Windows faster and more efficient.  My top three favorite open source apps are Launchy, Folder View and VirtuaWin.  These tools are great for speedy application or folder launching, and for managing your desktop space.  Best of all, all three are free.  This week I want to talk about Launchy.


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Sometimes you probably draw construction lines in order to provide reference points for the insertion or creation of other entities.  A long time ago, a wise man told me “you never need to draw construction lines”, and then he shared his ancient knowledge with me.  This is before OTRACK was available, even before Windows was out.

There are two time-saving features I want to share with you: .x/.y and mee.


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