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Classic Xref

Since AutoCAD 2007, the Xref Manager has changed from this:

Classic Xref Manager

to this:

2007 Xref Manager

Personally, I prefer the old-school version, for two reasons. One, it loads faster, and two, it is easier to change an xref from Attachment to Overlay.



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Filtering in AutoCAD

Lynn Allen has a great post on filtering objects with the FILTER command.

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A blast from the past

I was getting frustrated with the way Layer Freeze in AutoCAD 2008 (and maybe 2007?) handles blocks nested within xrefs. If you have a block which contains entities on layer 0, which is itself on a different layer, and the whole thing is in an xref, and you use 2008 layfrz, you get this message:

Cannot freeze layer “0”. It is the CURRENT layer.

You get that no matter what setting you use (Block, Entity, No nesting).


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