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Layout Selector

QVLAYOUT is a handy command,for sure.  It lets us hide our layout and model space tabs, recovering valuable screen real estate, and it provides a nice thumbnail view of each layout.  But it takes a few extra milliseconds to generate the thumbnails, and if you know you want to go to the first layout (which is often the case) and you are a keyboard commando, you might find this LISP routine useful.  It’s called LayoutNav.  Props to Lee Ambrosius for writing this back in 2003.

Load it up with APPLOAD, then you can use the command “FirstLayout” to jump right to the first layout tab.  I used ALIASEDIT to alias “L1” to “FirstLayout”, so it’s EVEN QUICKER.  I’m into efficiency, if you haven’t noticed.

Next week: How to convince your clone to write your blog for you.


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Here’s a handy utility:


It’s a free compiled LISP script. Use APPLOAD to load it into AutoCAD.

What it does is export all blocks in a drawing into separate drawing files in a folder of your choice. I find this to be useful when looking for poorly-defined blocks. I stumbled across WblockAll the other day when I had a drawing with a file size that seemed like it was about twice as big as it should be. I WblockAll’d the drawing, and immediately found a block that was half the size of the original file. That was my culprit. I replaced it with a smaller block in the drawing and my problem was solved. Thanks, Xanadu!

I’m sure you can find your own uses for it.

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R.K. McSwain has a well-written tutorial about how to set up Paper Space Layouts.

Dave Dixon posted a quick tip on how to eliminate that huge list of annotative scales.

From the Ground Up has posted a handy LISP file for quickly changing polyline elevations.

Ward Romberger explains the usefulness (or futility) of plotting with Lines Merge.

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A blast from the past

I was getting frustrated with the way Layer Freeze in AutoCAD 2008 (and maybe 2007?) handles blocks nested within xrefs. If you have a block which contains entities on layer 0, which is itself on a different layer, and the whole thing is in an xref, and you use 2008 layfrz, you get this message:

Cannot freeze layer “0”. It is the CURRENT layer.

You get that no matter what setting you use (Block, Entity, No nesting).


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