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Blog Roundup

There’s some useful info out there:

Dave Dixon has some really useful info on Speeding Up Civil 3D.  I suspect these tips will work for vanilla AutoCAD as well.

Ellen Finkelstein on Clipping Blocks

Justin Zeimba on the downsides of ClearType

Donnie Gladfelter shows us how to Create Blocks with Multiple Insertion Points

Shaan Hurley links hatches to tables

Aleksandr Smirnov has a nice collection of LISP routines


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Blog roundup

Looks like I got a little busy (napping) over the holidays, so I’ve let the blog roundup slide.  Well, here are a few highlights:

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AutoCAD Blog Roundup

CAD Digest offers a number of new pointers to various tips around the web:

And R.K. McSwain has an excellent bit on the different kinds of Polylines.

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AutoCAD Blog Roundup

Lynn Allen has a post about how to customize double-click functionality.

R.K. McSwain over at CAD Panacea has a useful post on making unnecessarly large drawing files smaller.

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R.K. McSwain has a well-written tutorial about how to set up Paper Space Layouts.

Dave Dixon posted a quick tip on how to eliminate that huge list of annotative scales.

From the Ground Up has posted a handy LISP file for quickly changing polyline elevations.

Ward Romberger explains the usefulness (or futility) of plotting with Lines Merge.

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