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Publish troubles?

Is the output of your Publishing endeavors not what you expected? Are multiple sheets being printed to a single PDF file, when you really want multiple files? Try setting PUBLISHCOLLATE to 0. If it is set to 1, AutoCAD will process the entire set of drawings being published as a single job.

I actually had a lot of problems when PUBLISHCOLLATE was set to 1 when I was using AutoCAD 2009, where the last sheet output would overwrite each previous sheet. This behavior seems to have been fixed in 2010, though.


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Editing Hatches in 2010

do blind people use autocad?I’ve been using AutoCAD 2010 for a few months now, and I’ve found some value in a few of the new features.  One that a colleague pointed out to me is the new grip editing features for hatches.  You may have noticed that when you click on a non-associative hatch, you’ll see grips appear.

It’s a handy way to quickly change those hatches without having to redraw the boundaries.


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