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Fractals in AutoCAD

This is cool:

Alien Flower

image by Kean Walmsley


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Here’s a handy utility:


It’s a free compiled LISP script. Use APPLOAD to load it into AutoCAD.

What it does is export all blocks in a drawing into separate drawing files in a folder of your choice. I find this to be useful when looking for poorly-defined blocks. I stumbled across WblockAll the other day when I had a drawing with a file size that seemed like it was about twice as big as it should be. I WblockAll’d the drawing, and immediately found a block that was half the size of the original file. That was my culprit. I replaced it with a smaller block in the drawing and my problem was solved. Thanks, Xanadu!

I’m sure you can find your own uses for it.

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Sometimes you probably draw construction lines in order to provide reference points for the insertion or creation of other entities.  A long time ago, a wise man told me “you never need to draw construction lines”, and then he shared his ancient knowledge with me.  This is before OTRACK was available, even before Windows was out.

There are two time-saving features I want to share with you: .x/.y and mee.


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