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AutoCAD Blog Roundup

Lynn Allen has a post about how to customize double-click functionality.

R.K. McSwain over at CAD Panacea has a useful post on making unnecessarly large drawing files smaller.


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I added a section to the Best Practices guide on Layer Separation.

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I just ran into a giant brick wall trying to update the Civil 2008 Object Enabler for AutoCAD 2008. I first tried to install the latest OE. Not so easy, because it told me that I already had an older version installed and I needed to uninstall it first. Okay, so I go to Windows Control Panel:Add/Remove Programs and click Remove for the “Civil 2008 Object Enabler for AutoCAD 2008” entry. It then tells me that it needs the original installation package “2B5.tmp_AutoCAD_2008_-_English_(United_States).msi”.

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R.K. McSwain has a well-written tutorial about how to set up Paper Space Layouts.

Dave Dixon posted a quick tip on how to eliminate that huge list of annotative scales.

From the Ground Up has posted a handy LISP file for quickly changing polyline elevations.

Ward Romberger explains the usefulness (or futility) of plotting with Lines Merge.

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I’ve added a little blurb about Layer Naming to the the Best Practices Guide.

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